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2Eros Athena Jockstrap Pastel Lilac

Original price was: €34,95.Current price is: €24,46.

With the CURV Technology pouch (wisdom), bold, brave colors (courage) and is made of Egyptian cotton (ingenuity).

Egyptian cotton known for its high durability, ultra-absorbency and softness. It is also lightweight and super breathable due to the porous nature of Egyptian cotton. In addition, Egyptian cotton is known to be gentle on the skin, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Athena underwear is part of the LFE collection. LFE products are designed with a purpose, to withstand life, to be comfortable and durable by using renewable premium fabrics, and ethical to make you look and feel good about what you wear. These are the foundations of LFE.

Form-fitting to slim your silhouette
CURV technology to contour, strengthen, shape and support your pouch
Creates a ‘contactless’ support to reduce chafing and sweating
4-way stretch for maximum mobility and breathability to keep you going all day long
LFE (life, matter, ethical)

Fabric: 95% Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton, 5% Spandex

Delivery time: 5-8 working days (Germany/Austria: 1-2 working days)

2EROS & Supawear Size Table

Size Width in inches Width in cm
XS 27-29 68-73
S 30-31 76-79
M 32-33 81-84
L 34-35 86-89
XL 36-37 91-94

L, M, S, XL, XS